LED Drum DJ, Percussia, launches as an unprecedented, technological music phenomenon.

Immerse your audience in a groundbreaking fusion of music, technology, and showmanship with our Percussive Performance DJ. This unique act utilizes a one-of-a-kind 55'' transparent Holoscreen, accompanied by 10 light drums and cymbals, creating a state-of-the-art, custom-designed machine built to set dance floors ablaze worldwide.

Key Highlights of the Percussive Performance DJ:

  1. Transparent Holoscreen: The centerpiece of this cutting-edge performance is the 55'' transparent Holoscreen, a mesmerizing visual element that adds a futuristic and immersive dimension to the show. Witness the seamless integration of visuals and beats as the DJ interacts with the transparent screen, creating a captivating spectacle.

  2. 10 Light Drums and Cymbals: Complementing the visual experience are 10 light drums and cymbals, each synchronized with the beats to produce a dynamic display of light and sound. The combination of percussion and visual effects enhances the overall impact, engaging audiences in a multi-sensory experience.

  3. Latest in Music Technology: Our Percussive Performance DJ doesn't just play music; they craft an experience. Utilizing the latest in music technology, this act seamlessly blends live percussion with electronic beats, creating a unique and unforgettable sonic landscape that resonates with diverse audiences.

  4. Unique Showmanship: The Percussive Performance DJ is not just a DJ; they are a showman, orchestrating a one-of-a-kind performance that pushes the boundaries of conventional entertainment. The unique showmanship of this act ensures that every performance is a memorable and immersive experience.

  5. Global Dance Floor Appeal: Built to rock dance floors around the world, this custom-designed machine brings a global appeal to your event. Whether it's a club night, music festival, or any high-energy gathering, the Percussive Performance DJ transforms the atmosphere with its unparalleled blend of music and technology.

Elevate your event with the future of entertainment - the Percussive Performance DJ. Get ready to experience a sonic and visual journey that defies expectations.

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